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The Winter 2014 Activity Guide is now available for view/download (pdf)

Note: due to the Activity Guide's file size, it is recommended to save the file to your computer for viewing.


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Temporary Relocation of LaSalle Town Hall  

Effective Tuesday June 5th, 2012 LaSalle Town Hall (Mayor, Council, Administration, Council Services/Clerks, Culture and Recreation, Finance, Development & Strategic Initiatives and the Town Engineer’s Office) will locate to:

Windsor Crossing Premium Outlet Mall. 1555 Talbot Road, (Intersection of Highway 3 & Sandwich West Parkway).  To reach the Town Hall please call 519-969-7770.

Please note that the Public Works Department is located at 2170 Judy Recker Cres.  To reach the Department please call 519-969-4143 or fax 519-969-0070.

Notice of Relocation of Town of LaSalle Closed and Regular Council Meetings

All Regular and Closed Council meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Regular Meetings
Beginning June 12, 2012, all Regular Open Session Council meetings will be held at:
St. Nicholas Macedonian Community Centre 5225 Howard Avenue, LaSalle, Ontario

Howard Avenue is now temporarily CLOSED at Highway #3.  Please follow the posted detour signs to get to the Macedonian Hall from the Howard Avenue Diversion and Howard Avenue Connector. 

View a map showing alternate routes to the Hall (pdf)

Closed Meetings
Beginning June 12, 2012 all Closed Session Council meetings will be held at:
Windsor Crossing Premium Outlet Mall 1555 Talbot Road, LaSalle, Ontario
(Intersection of Highway 3 & Sandwich West Parkway

LaSalle Police Service Board
Due to construction at the Town Hall Site, until further notice, Board Meetings will take place at:
Windsor Crossing Premium Outlet Mall 1555 Talbot Road, LaSalle, Ontario
(Intersection of Highway 3 & Sandwich West Parkway


Named after French explorer, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, French settlers were the first to establish roots in the area in the mid 1700s.  A mission was established in the Town of Sandwich, resulting in people settling in the Turkey Creek area.  LaSalle's history and that of Essex County were very much entwined when they were officially identified as part of Upper Canada in 1792.  In 1991, residents of LaSalle opted to define themselves as a Town and in turn, immediately became one of the larger communities of Essex County with a population of almost 30, 000.

The Town of LaSalle was originally located on the bank of the Detroit River on what is known as the "Nautical Mile" in Essex County.  Today the Town of LaSalle is a rapidly urbanizing municipality situated in the northwest quadrant of Essex County, bordered by the Town of Amherstburg to the south, the town of Tecumseh to the east and the City of Windsor to the north.  The Detroit River forms the westerly boundary of the town.  Approximately 50% of LaSalle's total land area of 6,500 hectares is urban in nature.  The remaining lands are rural, comprising cash-crop farming, rural residences and natural heritage features.


Read the full Town of LaSalle Community Profile (pdf)


Link to InfoLaSalle

Link to LaSalle Culture and Recreation Website

Link to LaSalle Fire Service

Link to LaSalle Police Service


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News and Announcements

2014 Land Development Charges Review

2009 Land Development Charges Background Report (pdf)

2009 Land Development Charges Appendices (pdf)

2014 Land Development Charges Update Report (pdf)


NOTICE TO RESIDENTS: Important Information on Water Meter Program

The Town of LaSalle has started a MANDATORY water meter program in May 2014  This program includes upgrades by installation of radio meter reading equipment at every property throughout the Town.  You will be receiving individual letters as we move into your specific area.

CORIX Water Services has been contracted by the Town to undertake the work as part of this program

Should you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 519-969-4143

Spay and Neuter Voucher Program

The Town of LaSalle, in partnership with local veterinary hospitals/clinics, is pleased to launch its first Spay and Neuter Voucher Program. This Program is available to residents of the Town of LaSalle.

In an effort to reduce the number of homeless cats in the Town, 50 Vouchers will be issued to sterilize cats. The Vouchers are valued at $50 each and will be available March 24. Any costs for spaying or neutering beyond the value of this voucher are the sole responsibility of the Voucher Recipient.

View more information (pdf)

View/download the Application (pdf)


The Town of LaSalle Parks Master Plan Survey

This survey is part of the public consultation process for the LaSalle Parks Masterplan.

The last Masterplan was prepared and approved by Council in 1995. Since then, many of the recommendations of the plan have been realized. It is time to revisit the plan so as to provide a blueprint for the next decade or more.

A vital part of the masterplan process is public consultation! We want to know what you think about the park system in LaSalle. You will have the opportunity to skip certain sections such as Neighbourhood Parks, or Community Parks or Sportsfields if they don't apply to you.

Please take the time to complete the LaSalle Parks Masterplan Survey


Water and Waste Water Rates

New 2013 Water and Waste Water Rates (pdf)


Notice to Sign Manufacturing and Installation Companies

The Corporation of the Town of LaSalle invites expressions of interest from qualified and experienced sign manufacturing and installation companies with respect to a town-wide municipal signage project for municipal facilities, parkland, gateway and wayfaring signage.

Further information regarding this expression of interest can be viewed here (pdf).


Request for Quotation

This Request for Quotation is for the supply of all labour, materials, equipment and services required for the completion of Interior Building Signage for the New Public Works + Culture and Recreation Building for the Town of LaSalle, in accordance with the drawings and specifications prepared by J.P. Thomson Architects Ltd., Windsor, Ontario.

11-123B ES&CR Signage Package 24_09_2013   11-123B - Signage Addendum 1


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 Link to 211 Windsor Essex

Windsor Essex Small Business Centre

Link to Windsor/Essex Portal

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211 provides information on education, counseling, emergency shelters, financial assistance and more.

Easy access to information, resources and complimentary consultations on all aspects of your business needs every step of the way

The single point of access to information, services, communications, and resources within Essex County

Working together to become North America's premier active retirement destination. .

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While this website strives to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website.

View the Town of LaSalle Accessible Customer Service Policy

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