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Water Rates

The Town of LaSalle has determined that water rates be increased to meet the future needs of the Community.

New 2014 Water and Waste Water Rates (pdf)


Benefits derived from the revenue:

  • revenue collected will be dedicated to water system;

  • long term replacement program to maintain a system that provides safe water to all residents today and the future;

  • all property owners will contribute to watermain replacement;

  • repair of private water lines from main to home in accordance with approved policy (can be obtained from Public Works Dept);

  • provide for continual maintenance and testing of system as now required by provincial regulations

Water is one of our most valued resources, and the Town of LaSalle is taking this proactive step to put in place a program that will efficiently and effectively deliver clean/safe water to our community.  The Public Works Department has conducted more than 210 tests for water quality parameters during the previous 3 month reporting period and would not that zero (0) samples exceeded the Ontario Drinking Water Objectives.  

View the Ontario Drinking-Water Quality Standards, Objectives and Guidelines (pdf)

View the Water Quality Reports


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